Sunday, November 17, 2013

Refactoring the logging

Now that the tests are working OK, I want to turn my attention back to the other goal: cleaner code for task parameter logging. Here's the current implementation:

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I want to refactor this to generalize. I'm not going to add additional tests just yet, even though maybe I should. At least I have enough test coverage that I don't have to spend time manually testing as I go.

I used very small steps, but the outline is:
  1. Extract Method LogInputs, push it up to base class LoggingTask
  2. Replace the hard-coded "Foo" and this.Foo with reflection via this.GetType().GetProperty("Foo").Name and .GetValue(this).
  3. Extract method LogInput, taking a PropertyInfo
  4. Replace GetProperty() with a loop over GetProperties(), filtering by the [Required] attribute.
  5. Extract Method GetPropertyInfos and HasAttribute.
Here's the result:

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As an indication that I'm on the right track, see how small the test task is:

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You will also need this extension:

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I don't really like that he [Required] attribute is used to find parameters; that's not quite the right rule. But I'll come back to that later.

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