Sunday, November 17, 2013

Running MSBuild in-proc in a unit test

In the previous step, I executed my code under test (a custom MSBuild task) by running MSBuild as a separate process, with a hard-coded path to the EXE, passing a project file on the command line, and capturing standard output. An ideal unit test runs the system-under-test (SUT) in isolation, and this is far from isolated. That's fine in spike mode, but over time I want to refactor my tests to improve isolation.

To take a step in that direction, I'm am switching from Process.Start to using the MSBuild APIs directly. It took a while to figure out a way that works, but now I've got one:

Loading Gist 7519022

This requires a custom logger to gather the output, which I wrote like this:

Loading Gist 7519004

This new logger  is pretty specialized - high importance messages only. I have an urge to generalize it to let the importance be a parameter, but for now, I'm applying YAGNI and leaving it as simple as I can.

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