Sunday, March 23, 2014

sorting out complex refactoring with the Mikado method

My understanding of the Mikado method:

Problem: You see a mess in the code so you decide to fix it. Part way through you realize you gotta fix some other thing first. So you start working on that, which leads to more.

Now your code is all torn apart and you're late for dinner and nothing works.

Solution: When you realize you can't finish problem A until you fix problem B, write down A and abandon your changes so far. When B leads to problem C, write down B and abandon those changes, too.

You're discovering a dependency tree. Eventually you'll get to the leaf nodes. When you fix a leaf node you don't have to fix something else at the same time. So fix it and commit. Now you've accomplished something.

Each commit prunes the tree. Eventually you get back to your original problem, which you can now safely fix without further difficulty

I think this is applicable to other problems besides software, like organizing your kitchen or car maintenance.

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