Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to document your build process for an open source C# project

As an Open Source contributor...

I find an interesting open source project that I want to contribute to. I fork/clone the repository to my machine. Then I have to figure out how to build it.

Is there a solution file? Or a script?

I try something and the build fails. Do I need a certain SDK or Visual Studio feature installed? Which version?

I get it to build and then I try to run the tests. 1/3rd of them fail, because they are looking for something that isn't installed on my machine.

If I'm lucky (!?) I find a document in the repository that claims to be build instructions, but it is jumbled and clearly out of date. I try to follow it, but something I need to install is no longer available, or not compatible with my version of Windows. Will a newer version of that thing work OK?

Uggh, what a mess.

As an Open Source maintainer...

I put together a cool little project in my spare time and post it online. It's simple and straightforward to build and run tests. 

Then a contributor complains that they can't build it. What information could possibly be missing? It's simple and straightforward, right? I write a small text file explaining the obvious instructions. The contributor tries to follow it but is even more confused. I don't have time for this.

Uggh, what a mess.

A solution

My solution is AppVeyor. I treat AppVeyor as the reference build environment.

Here's how:
  2. New Project, select your project.
  3. Settings -> Do what you need to get a green build + tests
  4. Settings -> Export YAML. Add it to your repo.
  5. Delete the AppVeyor project
  6. New Project again, but this time configure nothing. It will use the settings from your repo.
  7. Confirm that build + tests are still green

Now the instructions for how to build + run tests are in source control. Anyone can read them. There won't be any missing details. If a dependency changes, I won't miss updating the instructions, because AppVeyor will report my build is broken. 

No more mess.

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